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Piano B & W


The following Prizes will be awarded:
- The Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli Prize of 5,000€*, sponsored by the City of Eppan
- 3 Artists Prizes of 1,000€* each, sponsored by the City of Eppan
The winners will be chosen by the audience of the Academy. Listeners of the final concert ('Michelangeli concert') will assign to the six participants a score from 1 (minimum) to 5 (maximum). In case of a tie, the final decision will be made by the teachers of the masterclass.

A special prize will be awarded by the KulturKontakt Eppan, consisting in a recital to be given in Eppan during the following concert season. The winner will be chosen by the KulturKontakt Eppan, independently from the main prizes.

* Taxed will be deducted from the indicated amount according to Italian law.

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