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The Piano Academy Eppan is open to pianists of all nationalities. The age limit is 30 years. In the tradition of the Academy, also very young pianists with exceptional qualities can be admitted.
The age is calculated on the basis of the starting date of the Piano Academy

The registration deadline is July 15th, 2024. The registration fee is set at 100 €, the participation fee is 590 €.
By the deadline of July 15th, the Academy must receive by e-mail the application form with all the required information, a video link (free repertoire and free duration, but at least 3 different works by 3 different composers) and the payment confirmation of the registration fee of 100 € (not refundable). The Artistic Direction of the Academy will select 24 participants. 

Six scholarships will be assigned: 4 given by the KulturKontakt Eppan and 2 given by the Blumenhotel Angerburg.                                                                                                                                                                                            

The "Kultur Kontakt Eppan" scholarship includes a contribution up to 400 € for travel and daily expenses (receipts are requested).                                                                                            

The two "Angerburg" scholarships provide the participant with free lodging and breakfast at the Hotel Angerburg for the entire duration of the masterclass.

Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of a special application, which must be submitted together with the application form.

Application Form

Apply for the Piano Academy

Apply for the Scholarship


Terms and conditions of participation

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