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  • What is the Piano Academy Eppan?
    The Piano Academy Eppan is a piano academy for young talented pianists from all over the world. During the academy, not only masterclasses but also various concerts are organized. Several important prizes are also awarded.
  • What is the Michelangeli Concert?
    The Michelangeli Concert is the grand finale of the Piano Academy Eppan: here the 6 finalists perform to win the Michelangeli Prize worth 5,000 €, provided by the City of Eppan. The special: the audience decides and votes the winner!
  • Where can I reserve and buy concert tickets?
    Tickets for the Michelangeli Concert can be purchased online at or directly at the evening box office. For ticket reservation:
  • Are there any other prizes?
    In addition to the Michelangeli Prize, 3 "Artists prizes" of 1,000 € each will be awarded on the final evening. These are provided by the City of Eppan.
  • How are the 6 finalists selected?
    The 6 best participants will be chosen by the masterclass-lecturers and will perform at the Michelangeli Concert where they have a chance to win the Michelangeli Prize worth 5,000 € and the Artists prizes.
  • Are there any other concerts?
    In addition to the Michelangeli concert, the participants will perform at the "Piano Academy Open Concert" at the Lansehaus Eppan. Here the audience can listen to these excellent pianists and enter or leave the hall during the applause.
  • Who was Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli?
    Michelangeli was a famous Italian pianist who gave unforgettable masterclasses in Eppan in the 1960s. Through the Piano Academy Eppan, this tradition lives on until today.
  • What are masterclasses?
    The skill, advice and knowledge of an experienced master is of very great value, especially for young pianists. That is why they come to Eppan from all over the world to be taught by internationally renowned lecturers.
  • Where do the master classes take place?
    The masterclasses take place in Eppan, in the music school "Leonhard von Call".
  • Are the masterclasses open to the public?
    The masterclasses are open to the public. For further information please contact:
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