Junior Academy Eppan
12-14 Aprile 2018









The following 8 promising pianists have been selected for the Junior Academy 2018 in Eppan / Appiano, South Tyrol, Italy.

  • Angelina Kuznetsova, Russia
  • Barbare Tataradze, Georgia
  • Ben Lepetit, Germany
  • Galina Nikolin, Serbia
  • Koki Katsurada, Japan
  • Philippe Gang, Germany
  • Radu Ratering, The Netherlands
  • Sarah Tuan, USA

We are extremely happy about the high number, but also about the extraordinary high quality of the applications. The selection process has been very difficult and all of the 8 young talents selected have something special to bring. We are looking forward to hear them all live in Eppan / Appiano. We thank all the applicants for their kind interest and wish them all the best for their future.

Please note: The next masterclasses of Prof. Andrea Bonatta will take place in Brescia and Salzburg. For more information please visit his website: www.andreabonatta.com