The Academy

The PIANO ACADEMY EPPAN was inspired by the tradition of the famous masterclasses held by Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli in Eppan (South-Tyrol, Italy) in the 50's. In that period Michelageli was teaching at the Conservatory in Bolzano, but he lived in Eppan in the beautiful castle Schloss Paschbach, where it is still possible to admire his piano. He very often invited his best students to Eppan and gave unforgettable masterclasses. His generosity to the young artists was very well known. The PIANO ACADEMY EPPAN follows this tradition. Six young pianists will be invited to an exclusive masterclass and will perform in evening concerts. One of the participants will be awarded the Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli Prize (€5.000) given by the City of Eppan.

Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli
Schloss Paschbach 1959 (Photo Pedrotti)

The Masterclass is free of charge. The participants will receive a travel allowance, free accommodation and meals. Only exceptionally gifted young musicians who have already started an international career will be considered. The participation in the Academy is possible only through an invitation. The young pianists will perform two concerts. The masterclass is open to the public. The Artistic Director of the Academy is Andrea Bonatta. The PIANO ACADEMY EPPAN is an initiative of the Kultur Kontakt Eppan, supported by the Gemeinde Eppan and different Sponsors.




Dmytro Choni, Winner of 2017 Edition
Piano Academy Eppan 2017
At the piano of Michelangeli, Schloss Paschbach, 2017
Prof. Vardi and Prof. Bonatta in Eppan, 2017